This Warm December Vol. II (Vinyl)



This offer contains:

-This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol. II (VINYL)
-Party Hard
-Jingle Bell Rock
-Christmas Blues
-In The Morning
-Christmas Must Be Tonight
-Home For The Season
-Frosty The Snowman
-Let It Ride
-Make Time
-Winter Swell Blues
-Christmas Cookies
-I Bet On Flying High
-Angel (Holiday)
-01 Concrete Wall (from the album _ghostbird_)
-02 Always Like the Son (from the album _Come Back To Us_)
-03 Milk and Sugar (from the albun _Fixin To Die_)
-04 It's Ok, It's Alright, I'm Alive (from _Bar Chords,_ due out February 7th)
-05 Digging Shelters (New album due out in 2012)
-06 Golden Cathedrals (Mourner's Song demo; new album due in 2012)
-Party Hard - Zach Gill

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-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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